Welcome to the Faculty of Computing and Information Systems

Dr.-Ezer-pixThis year’s presidential mission of ”connecting the dots” enjoins us at the Faculty of Computing and Information Systems to reflect on our roles in enhancing the students experience.  We have a charge to educate employable students ready for the job market. I am delighted to welcome you all to this faculty and to share with you some highlights of our efforts aimed at making our vision a reality; our curriculum, our research activities and services to the university community.

In terms of Faculty, we’ve been privileged to have three (3) Ph.D.s added to our strength. Their diverse expertise would be invaluable to our faculty and the university at large. Our research efforts were recognized during the 2015 awards ceremony in which the faculty was adjudged the best overall faculty, as well as the best “student-centered” faculty.  The Faculty boasts of cutting-edge and student-centric technology education, offering industry relevant diploma and degree programs in Information Technology (IT).

We collaborate with the Centre for Professional Development (CPD) in offering postgraduate certificate in management information systems (MIS), and also support the graduate school in all ICT related M-level programs.  We hope to embark on specialization degrees in Business Computing & Information Systems (BCIS), Digital Forensics and Computer Science in the not so distant future.

In research, we intend to resource our four (4) research units into embarking on more academic enquiries as well as engaging in consultancy services. Our faculty publish their findings in seasoned peer-reviewed international journals.

We provide a larger percentage of all instructions offered at GTUC; every undergraduate student takes foundational classes at the Faculty – the hallmark of technology. Our diverse curricula are made up of relevant core disciplines that enable students to transform the world around them.  We review our programs periodically to ensure their viability, relevance and employability in today’s ever evolving cyber-markets.

Our ultimate goal is to redefine the future of Information Technology with Informatics.  Our focus is to exploit the benefits of inter-disciplinary fusion of science-technology and humanities to create employable IT graduates.  We enhance our students’ experience by offering them career counseling, industry internships and placement services.

In terms of enrolment, the Faculty continues to grow and attract talented local and international students into our degree and diploma programs. A good number of these students complete with either first class honours or second class upper each year. Our feedbacks indicate that our alumni mostly compete and excel in the industry, since they are offered unlimited opportunities by the Faculty.

Thank you for choosing to offer Information Technology (IT) at GTUC, we are confident that you will not regret making this choice.

Dr. Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng


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